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Our Mission –Peace of Mind

The Center for Cause Awareness is dedicated to increasing awareness of the many services and resources available to help people help themselves, their families and their communities in times of need.

Those needs include all the basics necessary to improve the quality of life for all – children, the elderly, minorities, people in crises, and with health concerns – even pets.

CCA was front and center during Hurricane Sandy feeding hundreds of people, coordinating with the local fire department, emergency services and FEMA. We also helped increase awareness of available support and assistance services at special events and provided information about preparedness and planning.

Our mission is to give people the information they need so that they know what to do – and where to turn – for information, food, shelter and clothing when it’s needed most.

Our Goals – Feed the need

AT CCA, our goal is to inform, support and direct anyone who comes to us to where they can get the help they need.

We believe that the best time to seek help is before it’s needed, so many of our services focus on prevention. For example, to assist people in maintaining their health and well being, we incorporate food programs into a majority of our marketing events and ongoing activities.

We feel compelled to take action so we work in tandem with donors including Starbucks, WaWa, Long Horn Steakhouse, The Salvation Army, All Saints Church and Harvest donation programs to name a few.  We act as their distributor, getting food to the hungry – at no cost to them.

Financial Information –Where your money goes

At CCA, we believe in total and complete transparency.  We want you to feel confident and reassured that every dollar donated goes directly to a cause – helping real people, with real needs, changing and saving lives.

Among the many causes we support are:

  • The American Cancer Society
  • The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
  • The American Heart Association
  • Covenant House

Privacy Policy – Your information is safe with us.

We respect your privacy and the privacy of our benefactors as we do our own.  We will not pass along any personal or confidential information to any third party, under any circumstances, without their express permission and prior consent.


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