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Did you know?

  • One in seven people in New Jersey face hunger.
  • In 2013, over 1 million NJ residents were living in food insecure households, over 375,000 of them were children.

AT CCA, our goal is to inform, support provide food to people seeking assistance through the charitable sector.

CCA partners with a network of food companies whose generous support has provided solutions to improve food security for individuals and their families while contributing towards ending hunger in our communities.

Among our most caring donors are:

long horn     Wawa        download    Chipotle



Among the recipients of their donations are:

All Saints Church, New Beginnings (Destiny), St. Dominick’s Church in Bricktown, NJ, United Methodist Church Food Pantry, Lakewood, NJ, Salvation Army, Tom’s River, NJ,  Saint Mary’s on the Lake , Lakewood NJ.

We act as their distributor, getting food to the hungry – at no cost to them.

For additional resources, visit the links below:

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