Seniors and Elderly Services

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                                      A meal or medical care?

It’s a decision that too many seniors in New Jersey, in fact all over America, make every day. It’s a terrible choice to make, so CCA does its part to make it a choice New Jersey seniors never have to make.

According to a study conducted by the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, 19% of those they serve are age 60 and older, and a recent study by The National Foundation to End Senior Hunger reports that 9.6 million seniors across the U.S. now face the threat of hunger.

Many seniors and elderly men and women still have responsibility for others, a disabled child, a grandchild or spouse. Others live alone or struggle with their own health issues and can’t shop or cook for themselves. At CCA we understand that it is hard to be hungry and even harder to ask for help and that the food we distribute will help stretch a fixed income or Social Security check.

May is Older Americans Month, but every month CCA reaches out to the many seniors across New Jersey making sure they get enough to eat.

Community Food Bank of NJ-

SCUCS, 856-456-1121, 856-662 4884

Emergency Auxiliary Services to the Elderly (E.A.S.E.) 856-456-1121

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